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August Meeting Minutes


August 15th, 2019

The New Ross Conservation Club met on August 15th, 2019

at the Clubhouse

Members present were Brad Morrison, Paul Turner III, Bob Dillon, Tony Vescovi, Mike and Dave Vance, Paul Turner JR, Toad and Martha Janssen, Arden Thompson, and Bob Beck

The secretary’s report was read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.

Tony Vescovi from Jackson, McCormick, and McGowan insurance came by and talked about our current policy and his proposal for a new policy. Paul took notes on our current policy and asked about potential gaps in coverage. Mike added that any new policy would need to have Darryl Baker named as an additional insured. Tony asked for a list of activities that we host and for a few notes on our existing policy.


Fishing Day – Had a total of 6 kids come out and we sold a membership at our membership drive that day.

No new news on the fishing peer

New Business:

Mark Townsend contacted Martha about renting/using the range at the club for pistol training with his company Freedom Focus LLC. Mike brought up liability insurance, Martha will talk to him to see if he is insured and then we will discuss what to charge him.

Dueling Tree – we are changing the format to an open shoot for $5, Michael Graham and Josh Russel are working to find new targets for the range.

Golf Scramble – We have 52 people signed up and several sponsors, we can setup the course at 7PM Friday night and again at 6:30AM Saturday morning before the event. Martha and Paul will setup Friday night and Martha, Toad, Mike, Paul, and Brad will be there at 6:30 Saturday morning.

Cornhole – Tournament will be next Saturday at 3:30PM and $20 per person. Jeff Bartlett will host the event

Pie Contest – Community day September 7th at 1PM, Martha and Mike will judge, Ivan Brown will auction the pies at 2PM, we will have a float in the parade at 4PM.

Chili supper - $1 per vote for the best chili, money goes to the club. “No Criminal Record” will play from 5PM to 7PM, we won’t have raffle tickets, meat raffle with left over meat from the turkey shoot, and an open shoot.

Dave Vance volunteered to paint the garage, Bob will start painting the timbers and picnic tables on Sunday

Paul will start the fall newsletter so we can send it in September.

Someone is tearing up the path around the south pond, we may have to close the road around it

Meeting was adjourned.

Paul Turner Secretary

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