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Dueling Tree Pistol Shoots

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Rules for Dueling Tree Competitions

· Every Participant and Volunteer must sign the safety waiver

· The cost per event is $20 for members or $30 for non-members, to be paid at sign in. This will be put into a pot, and split 50/50. Half of the money collected will go to the winner, the other half to the club.

· Participants must sign in 30 minutes before the event for scheduling of the matches

· Double elimination competition, must lose twice to be eliminated from the competition

· Handgun calibers only, no necked or rife cartridges allowed

· Open Sights only, no red dot sights, or scopes allowed.

· No alibi competition! If your weapon malfunctions, you can safely clear your weapon and continue shooting or concede from that round

· Contestants may have 8 rounds in the handgun with one spare reload of 8 rounds at the ready, 16 total rounds of ammunition

· Contestants begin competition at low ready, hands on their firearm on the table in front of them

· Match is concluded when one side of the tree is cleared, or both contestants are out of ammo. The match will be called by the range officer present

· Eye and ear protection are required by everyone on the shooting range at all times

· Target will be placed 35 feet in front of the Firing line

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