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February Meeting Minutes


February 21, 2019

The New Ross Conservation Club met on February 21, 2019

at the New Ross Community Center

Members present were Mike Vance, David Vance, Paul Turner, George Gooding, Martha Janssen, Brad Morrison, and Ed Ebaugh.

The secretary’s report was read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.



We talked about whether or not to pay off the garage roof loan or refinance it, we need to repair or replace the clubhouse roof this year so we decided to pay down or pay off the existing loan.

Paul will call Ryan Pace, Pace Performance Coatings, for an estimate to coat the clubhouse roof.

Martha got 2 debit cards, Paul took one card to pay for the website and he will return it once its paid for.

Toad closed the clubhouse for the winter, also said the floor looked good.

Paul and Dave tried to make the Dueling Tree, however, a snowstorm put a stop to it.

Bob tore down the old swing set.

We also finalized the 2019 calendar. Mike said he would combine the WTCO and NRCC calendar and email to everyone.

We talked about when to stock the pond this spring, Toad will call in March or April to see what’s available.



Martha paid all but $1000 on the load for the garage roof, the remainder was refinanced.

Paul called Ryan Pace for a quote on the clubhouse roof, and they are waiting on a break in the weather to look at the roof.

Mike will download and email the calendar from Gmail account for 2019.

Paint Party: Martha is going to email the painting that we will be painting for Paul to put on the website and in the RSVP email. We are collecting items from people around town to use as silent auction items, door prizes for the party, Paul said he could help setup. Paul will also give Sarah Wedey the RSVP info that will be pulled form the website a few days before the event.

We talked about the Dueling Tree and the competitions that involve it. Paul took notes on the proposed rules and changes to the tentative rules and will bring the updated sheet to the March meeting. Everyone agreed that an event safety waiver was first and foremost, Paul will look into that waiver.

We decided to wait for Toad to talk about the fishing events this year and when to stock the pond.

Pix on the Fly aerial photography is coming out on April 6th to take videos of the events taking place that day. He only charges for fuel to come out, Paul suggested taking a collection the day of the event.

We discussed adding the meeting minutes and upcoming agenda to the website and Paul will do that.


Next meeting date: 3-21-19

Club Cleanup day: 3-30-19

Meeting was adjourned.

Paul Turner Secretary

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