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May Meeting Minutes


May 16th, 2019

The New Ross Conservation Club met on May 16th, 2019

at the Clubhouse

Members present were Mike and Dave Vance, Paul Turner, George Gooding, Toad and Martha Janssen, Bob Dillan.

The secretary’s report was read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and approved.


Brad cleaned out the ponds, Toad treated them a few days later. We aren’t using dye in the ponds this year due to the high-water levels and amount of rain we’re receiving.

We rented the clubhouse 3 times this month and every rental went well.

Paul bought the paint for the garage

New Business:

Someone request community service hours, they go to court on June 13th and we will know if they are eligible at that time. The current plan is to have them paint the garage.

We talked about the need for building material donations – specifically a new walk-door for the garage and lumber.

We discussed the caretaker responsibilities tonight and made a couple changes to them. Bob expressed that he would like to remain the caretaker instead of moving. He asked that we let him work this summer and vote on his performance after the chili supper. Paul motioned to let him stay for the summer and re-vote after the chili supper. Dave seconded the motion, vote passed.

Trap Shooting – we discussed trap shooting tonight and the reasons why we were shutdown before. We decided that we shouldn’t re-start the trap shooting.

Martha will email Paul a list of notes and stations for Kids Camp on July 13th. The volunteers we have so far are:

Toad – Fishing

Dave – Nature Walk

Bob – Cook and Time keeper Renea/Bonnie – Flowers

Martha – Crafts

Paul will help were needed, and will call Bob Biggs to see if he can help with wood working projects

Paul will update the rental contract to include the rental time from 9AM to 9AM and change the non-member deposit on the website to $100.

Mike said he couldn’t make it to the meeting with Darrel Baker on Wednesday, said he called him the next day. Darrel said the to keep the Property looking good and clean-up the area around the caretaker’s camper.

Meeting was adjourned.

Paul Turner Secretary

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